Frequently Asked Questions

Are you using invoice financing for the first time? Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

The invoice financing service is primarily suited for small and medium-sized enterprises. We make it possible to avoid long payment terms of the outstanding invoices.

To use the service your company should have a trading history of 6 months and revenue for this period of at least PLN 120 thousand. You also should not have any on-going lawsuit and/or tax issues.

Invoice financing is designed to advance the cash flow by selling the invoice. You will receive the payment within the 24 hours instead of standard 15-120 days. The whole process is very fast and convenient:

  1. You register and identify yourself online in FLEXIDEA portal;
  2. You sign the Agreement with us remotely just ONCE;
  3. You issue and submit an invoice to us using the Portal (only for delivered goods; advance payments are not permitted);
  4. We evaluate you and your debtor within 24 hours;
  5. If the debtor’s background meets our requirements, we (portal on behalf of the Customer) send the debtor notification about the changes of requisites of the invoice and receive the confirmation (whether the goods have been delivered and accepted for payment thereof) from the debtor;
  6. Your invoice gets financed.
  7. The debtor pays directly to our account on the agreed terms.

Yes, it is. You don’t have to go somewhere or even call. The service is fully online, but navigation – intuitive. You will enjoy working with it at the time of your convenience.

Only details of your company. To give you the best offer, we can also ask you to upload bank statements for the last 6 months.

We can ask for financial information to assess your credit risk and get acquainted to your company. The provided data and uploaded documents will be accessible only to our analysts and not be shared with third parties. You can read more about the confidentiality in Privacy policy.

You can sell all the invoices you need. Just enter the Portal, upload the invoice and get your money paid.

We finance invoices issued only to companies and public sector. We do not finance invoices issued to private persons or individual entrepreneurs.

Sure. We currently accept the invoices for debtors registered in European Union countries.

Invoice payment terms: 10-120 days;

The minimum Invoice Value – PLN 1500;

Limit for a customer – up to PLN 200 000;

Financing of 70% to 100% of the outstanding invoice amount.

We are able to finance up to 90% of the outstanding invoice amount. Once your invoice gets financed, we will deduct the discounting fee and remit the rest of the amount to your account. Fee structure is very simple and transparent.

No, we do not.

You should not change details of the issued invoice. We (portal on behalf of the Customer) will send the debtor notification about the changes of requisites of the invoice. As soon as we receive the confirmation (whether the goods have been delivered and accepted for payment thereof) from the debtor, we will transfer the cash for your invoice to your account. All payments by the debtor related with the assigned invoice must be transferred to our account specified in the notification sent to the debtor and you put your best efforts that the payment is remitted in this specific manner.

Registration on the Portal is free. Also, we don’t require minimum annual fee and fees for contract changing and reports. The financing fee starts from 1% monthly (min PLN 100).

For example, you submit a PLN 5,000.00 invoice. Advance rate is 100%.

The payment is due in 30 days and the monthly discount is 2%.

Discounting fee = PLN 100.00

After discounting you will receive EUR 4,900.00 immediately.

Very good financial background. A trading history of 3 years and annual revenue of at least PLN 1 mln.

We offer an invoice financing with the redemption obligation of the customer, which means that you have full responsibility for the payment of the invoice by the debtor and will cover the invoice amount if the debtor doesn’t. If the debtor (your client) does not pay the invoice in the due date or pays the invoice partially, the remaining sum is calculated by us and passed for payment to you. The repurchase term is the due date stipulated in the Invoice + 30 (thirty) calendar days.

According to the Commercial law a factoring contract is such a contract, by which the customer undertakes an obligation to transfer money claims of a client against a third party (debtor) known thereto, as well as to fulfil other commitments specified in the factoring contract to factor for the agreed remuneration.
Hence, factoring is a business loan solution, which allows to increase working capital by transferring claims for already supplied goods or rendered services.

Po pierwsze: banki zazwyczaj nie oferują faktoringu z małymi limitami. FLEXIDEA oferuje finansowanie faktur już od 500 EUR.
Po drugie: banki pobierają opłatę za podpisanie umowy - 0,5% - 1,5% od całkowitego limitu faktoringowego. FLEXIDEA nie pobiera takiej opłaty.
Po trzecie: banki pobierają wiele różnych dodatkowych opłat, których FLEXIDEA nie pobiera, na przykład opłata za podwyższenie limitu, za zmianę stawki z góry, za rozpatrzenie limitu kupującego, za przetwarzanie faktury, za raporty faktoringowe itp.
Jednocześnie klient nie może (1) zmienić listy nabywców, (2) wybierać faktury, którą chce sfinansować, (3) zmienić odroczony termin płatności bez uprzedniej zgody banku.

Na naszym portalu Klient może (1) wybrać faktury, które chce przesłać (np. do sfinansowania); (2) uzgodnić ze swoimi klientami odroczony termin płatności i zmienić go w dowolnym momencie; (3) w dowolnym momencie sprawdzić status wszystkich transakcji

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