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Customer relationship or financial liquidity?

"I need this money, but I'm afraid to put pressure on my client" - has this thought crossed your mind? You know that collecting payments on time is crucial for your business to run. However, are you afraid that too much pressure will have a negative impact on your relations with contractors?

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Flexidea factoring in a nutshell

Flexidea factoring is a response to the needs of those entrepreneurs who want to take care of the financial condition of their company. Try our service and we will convert your invoices into cash. Our swift online process will save your time which will translate into the development of your business.


You issue an invoice and wonder: "When will I get the transfer?"


You register for the free Flexidea application. You will receive the decision to grant funding in 15 minutes


The entire process is online, without any unnecessary paperwork


You only pay for financed invoices. We focus on transparency and a partnership relationship

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Do you know that...

Payment delays caused by your clients can lead to a host of problems: cash flow issues, low productivity and stress.

Flexidea is a way to receive the money for the invoice immediately, without affecting your relationships in any way. What's more - thanks to factoring you are able to increase your competitiveness, being able to offer longer payment terms.

Finance your first invoice

We know that relationship is everything in business.

So how can you prevent late payment and improve customer relationships at the same time?

Finance your first invoice

Payment before the
deadline without
affecting the contractor

You avoid cash flow problems because the factoring company pays you in advance. You protect yourself against late payments - you have cash to pay for employees, suppliers and current liabilities.

Relationships with
customers in safe

Flexidea ensures smoothness without interfering with your contacts with the client. We leave relations with contractors in the best hands - yours. From our side, we guarantee that contact with the debtor is reduced to the minimum required for factoring.

Professional support in
business for better and
for worse

Sooner or later you will find yourself in a position to claim your debt more firmly. At Flexidea, we know how to remind a contractor of his obligations without burning bridges behind us.

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