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Financing invoices in Flexidea is a solution that will allow you to forget about unsettled bills or problems with liquidity. No more paperwork, no more waiting. Just send the invoice and use the funds received from us for the development of your business.

Finance your first invoice

Quick decision

You will receive the money for the invoice within 15 minutes!

Competitive, transparent pricing

You always know how much it costs to improve your financial liquidity!

Exemplary relationships with customers

The factoring service does not affect your arrangements with contractors

How does invoice financing work?

Factoring with IdeaFlex is a simple and pleasant process. See how we work!


You deliver goods or services to your contractor


You create a free account on Flexidea


You send the invoice issued by you to the system


You receive your payment on your account in 15 minutes

Flexidea online app

Add invoices anytime and from anywhere in the world and enjoy full financing freedom with FlexIdea online!

Finance your first invoice

Why is it worth it?

The advantages of matching factoring to your business

Swift decision

Get a quick decision to grant a limit thanks to simplified procedures - without unnecessary formalities. Benefit from financing from the very first day of your business!

Support in difficult times

When you need to claim your debt more forcefully, Flexidea will help you remind your contractor of their obligations without burning bridges behind you.

Exemplary client relationships

It is up to you to decide whether we inform your contractor about the assignment or whether you prefer to do it yourself. If your contractor is late with the payment of the invoice, you will not incur any additional fees for the first 30 days

Partner conditions

You only pay a commission for the financed invoices. You will not incur any fixed costs. Your money will be in your corporate account after you submit the invoice for financing

Online app

You enjoy all the functionalities of the online application, including the possibility of submitting invoices for financing over the phone, as part of your subscription fee!

Set up an account and finance your first invoice!

The FlexIdea account is free. You will only pay the commission for the finalized invoice!